Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Lowrance Fish Finders: A Portable Fish Finder with Perfect Mix of Good Price and Good Quality

There are many different types of portable fish finders that are being sold in the market today. Portable fish finder is essentially a device that transmits sonar in order for you to see what is beneath the water while fishing. Just about all fish finders distribute a cone shaped wave that is sort of like a flashlight beam. Today you will learn the advantages and disadvantages of using Lowrance fish finders while you are out fishing. Some lowrance fish finders will come with a feature where they will actually identify what is beneath the water, usually other fish finders will not have this. 

A fish finder will have its advantages in clear water because it does have a great deal to do with the clarity of the signal being used. If the water clarity happens to be very low in other words very dirty water the fish finder might not be able to work to its full potential. Some Lowrance fish finders do have this feature but it depends how far in price you're willing to go. The main component in the fish finders that produce the sonar signal are called transducers it puts out and returns signals under the water therefore turning them into signals where they are then translated into something humans understnad. Sometimes you can end up with a portable fish finder that will return updates at a slow speed, usually the more expensive portable fish finders work at around 40 times per second. CLICK HEREto view a full list of Lowrance Fish Finders.


Lowrance Fish Finders: A Few Installment Tips

When you are installing a portable fish finder you should make sure not to mount it near the back of the boat because it can cause problems with the quality of your signal. Usually the depth capability of your portable fish finder will really depend on how powerful your fish finder happens to be. The way that the fish finders display what they find under the water are pixels on an LCD screen. The more pixels that the fish finder happens to have the better quality screen it will be a. Fish finders will not always be accurate, so it really depends on what type will quality dependent gating. If you are using your portable fish finder and it seems to report that there is nothing underneath the water it will just hit the bottom, weeds and mud tend to absorb the signal that is sent out anyways. 

Usually fish finders have one sonar beam, the lowrance fish finders can sometimes come with two, three and sometimes even six different sonar waves will be sent out. lowrance fish finders are actually able to look deeper into water when the double beam is taken advantage of. Another important thing to consider when purchasing a fish finder is that if you mount the fishfinder to the hull of your boat it can be any spot that will be bad for you. There are some amounts that are actually portable and also easier to install. But when you are using it and you go more than 12 kn are going to start run into some problems. 


A Little Downside Of Lowrance Fish Finders

Although being more cost-effective they are not very quality items to be buying. in order to use your portable fish finder there are a lot of people that will just go out and buy any portable fish finder they see without knowing the quality in which it may work in. If you are thinking about finding a good fish finder I would recommend that you look for Lowrance fish finders because most likely these types of fish finders will be more bang for your buck. Always do your research before you purchase a fish finder.
Other important thing to be noted, if you plan to use a Lowrance fish finders for commercial fishing or for personal consumption, you might want to install it in a permanent manner. One of the biggest disadvantages of temporary or repeated installation of Lowrance fish finders is the possibility of damage. Further, repeated installation may increase the risk of the device coming loose from the hull and sinking down to the bottom of the sea or the lake you are boating in.
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