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Lowrance Fish Finders: A Portable Fish Finder with Perfect Mix of Good Price and Good Quality

There are many different types of portable fish finders that are being sold in the market today. Portable fish finder is essentially a device that transmits sonar in order for you to see what is beneath the water while fishing. Just about all fish finders distribute a cone shaped wave that is sort of like a flashlight beam. Today you will learn the advantages and disadvantages of using Lowrance fish finders while you are out fishing. Some lowrance fish finders will come with a feature where they will actually identify what is beneath the water, usually other fish finders will not have this. 

A fish finder will have its advantages in clear water because it does have a great deal to do with the clarity of the signal being used. If the water clarity happens to be very low in other words very dirty water the fish finder might not be able to work to its full potential. Some Lowrance fish finders do have this feature but it depends how far in price you're willing to go. The main component in the fish finders that produce the sonar signal are called transducers it puts out and returns signals under the water therefore turning them into signals where they are then translated into something humans understnad. Sometimes you can end up with a portable fish finder that will return updates at a slow speed, usually the more expensive portable fish finders work at around 40 times per second. CLICK HEREto view a full list of Lowrance Fish Finders.


Lowrance Fish Finders: A Few Installment Tips

When you are installing a portable fish finder you should make sure not to mount it near the back of the boat because it can cause problems with the quality of your signal. Usually the depth capability of your portable fish finder will really depend on how powerful your fish finder happens to be. The way that the fish finders display what they find under the water are pixels on an LCD screen. The more pixels that the fish finder happens to have the better quality screen it will be a. Fish finders will not always be accurate, so it really depends on what type will quality dependent gating. If you are using your portable fish finder and it seems to report that there is nothing underneath the water it will just hit the bottom, weeds and mud tend to absorb the signal that is sent out anyways. 

Usually fish finders have one sonar beam, the lowrance fish finders can sometimes come with two, three and sometimes even six different sonar waves will be sent out. lowrance fish finders are actually able to look deeper into water when the double beam is taken advantage of. Another important thing to consider when purchasing a fish finder is that if you mount the fishfinder to the hull of your boat it can be any spot that will be bad for you. There are some amounts that are actually portable and also easier to install. But when you are using it and you go more than 12 kn are going to start run into some problems. 


A Little Downside Of Lowrance Fish Finders

Although being more cost-effective they are not very quality items to be buying. in order to use your portable fish finder there are a lot of people that will just go out and buy any portable fish finder they see without knowing the quality in which it may work in. If you are thinking about finding a good fish finder I would recommend that you look for Lowrance fish finders because most likely these types of fish finders will be more bang for your buck. Always do your research before you purchase a fish finder.
Other important thing to be noted, if you plan to use a Lowrance fish finders for commercial fishing or for personal consumption, you might want to install it in a permanent manner. One of the biggest disadvantages of temporary or repeated installation of Lowrance fish finders is the possibility of damage. Further, repeated installation may increase the risk of the device coming loose from the hull and sinking down to the bottom of the sea or the lake you are boating in.
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Garmin FishFinder - Your Most Affordable Portable Fish Finder

It cannot be denied that the popularity of fishing among other activities has risen significantly. Nowadays, people start to love this game. To support their effort in getting some more fishes, lots of new device have been invented. One of the most used one is portable fish finder. Fish finder is an electronic device exposing sonar to locate any object inside the deep blue sea. What makes this device different if it is compared to conventional is on its ability to create a picture in graphical representation rather than the sonar representation. It will make the process of reading the object discoveries become easier for ordinary citizens barely knowing about sonar technology.

Garmin FishFinder: Affordable Yet Powerful

There are a lot of brands when you are trying to buy a fish finder. Unfortunately, finding the one that is good enough is not an easy thing to do. Fortunately, you do not have to worry about it any longer. It is because of there is one of the best fish finder ever created in this world. So please welcome Garmin FishFinder. What you can get by using it, then? The first amazing fact about this fish finder is on its affordability compared with any other brand. You can buy it with prices around $100 and furthermore this is available almost in everywhere. You can purchase it from a variety of sources.
Furthermore, with this affordable price, you will get a shade of gray color. Though it is not colorful just in any other modern and newest model, yet still this feature is very satisfactory. Lots of people say that to see the condition of the screen can be done in any kind of light. It also has alarms that are equipped on its every unit. It will give you warning if some problems are detected. Therefore, you can prevent some unnecessary problems you do not want to deal with. The alarm comes with several types such as low battery alert and also deep and shallow water alarm. The fish alarm is also outstanding. It will make any fishermen not knowing there is fish on the unit to realize and work better. Garmin fishfinder is also submersible. It can hold in 1 meter deep and it can last in it for more than 30 minutes.

Other Garmin FishFinder Advatage: Ease of Use and Installation

The other advantage that you can get from this portable fish finder is an ease of installation. Lots of people find some problems when they have to deal with other brand. Meanwhile, this brand is quite easy to be installed. Unfortunately, it still has some lacks you need to pay attention more. It cannot travel more than 30 mph. And if you do this, it will lose its track. Above all, this fish finder is very suitable for beginners. Its affordability is one thing that makes this brand get lots of attention from the fishermen. Its unique characteristics also other benefits you can find on it. So, what are you waiting for then? Why do not you just start to find this brand and have some interesting fishing experience with it?
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The Advantages of Hummingbird Fish Finders

Fishing has become a hobby people in this world love. Unfortunately, to do this kind of activity is not an easy thing to do. Lots of device has been invented to help people to get fish more. And one of the most used and favorite one is portable fish finder. This device works by using some signal through under water to map contours of the depth, identify objects and finally it will create some pictures of everything they find in the display. Though it sounds like a camera, the resulting display is in the form of reflection of sonar technology with its own unique interpretation. If ordinary sonar provides you with confusing sonar representation, fish finders give you graphic representation. By using sound wave, it will send signals to the water. And if this signal meets with some objects, it will be reflected back so that you can locate something even in the deepest sea.

Hummingbird Fish Finders: Fishermen Best Friend

As one of the best Americas’ most favorite fish finder brand, Hummingbird Fish Finders have its own amazing virtues that will make your fishing activity enjoyable and also more joyful. Lots of other brands offer its distinguishing features, promising costumers that their brand will give you more beneficial advantages rather than others. Unfortunately, still they could not surpass this best fish finder ever. Furthermore, other brands will charge you a lot compared than this Hummingbird Fish Finders. Sure you do not want to spend so much money just for a trash that will fail your entire efforts trying to get some must-not-missed fishes available in a large amount in the deep blue sea.

Ice Fishing and Hummingbird Fish Finders

So, what makes this portable fish finder so special then? The first thing you need to pay attention more is on its ability to locate fishes even in a harsh environment. This fish finder is best applied when you are trying to do ice fishing. We already know that ice fishing has become one of the most interesting lifestyle people always do. Unfortunately, to locate the existence of fishes and also to determine the depth of the water is not easy works. However, thanks to this portable fish finder, you do not have to worry about miss calculation or missing the fish due to the wrong spot. This portable sonar will do its work in providing you with a better access of a good fishing spot.

With this device, you can catch fish more consistently. Using this portable fish finder, it will be your best moment to go out on ice, use your fishing equipments, and get some rare fish. It also can cover a wide space of area. Therefore, you can work more effective and also in efficient way. Furthermore, with its waterproofing ability, you do not need to worry that it will break in the middle of your activity. Its battery duration also can last for more than 15 hours. The problem is only on its heavy weight. However, will you miss the opportunity to get a lot of fishes just because of small problem? What are you waiting for then? Why do not you get one of these Hummingbird fish finder and let it to find your fishes?

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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Finding the Best Portable Fish Finder on the Market: A Simple Guide

A while back, fishing used to be an entirely different game, you usually only used a poll in some patients that's all you needed. While those days seem like they're over because technology has made a full scale integration to the entire art of fishing. We used to look at one area and decide hey do you think that is a good spot to fish? Now that has been replaced by all this part has a lot of fish. Thanks to modern technology the modern fishermen fishes with the new device called a portable fish finder. And today we will be here to teach you how to find the best portable fish finder for your buck.

Basically if you are looking for a portable fish finder the first thing you need to look at is how many watts your portable fish finder currently has. You need to make sure that the watts are very high in your portable fish finder, the higher the watts the more high-quality your portable fish finder will be. The next thing that you will want to be looking at is how many pixels does your unit have. The more pixels that you have the better your product will be. You need to make sure that you get a very clear picture of what is going on underneath the water, and the best way to do that is to get a portable fish finder with the ability to see quality images on the screen.

The next thing that you need to be worried about purchasing is called the transducer. This is basically the device that sends out of the sonar in order for you to be able to read what is under the water. Another thing for you to worry about and think about getting is a transducer with a higher wattage. Another device you need to be worried about is called a side scan. This device enables the angler to be able to see what is going on other side of the boat with a very clear picture of what is going on. The quality is in fact so high that the angler is able to see every large and small rocks on the floor of even the most murkiness waters.

Another thing to be on the lookout for when you buy a portable fish finder is your display screen. You need to make sure you do not buy a display screen with a black and white image the more color display screen has the better images you are going to be able to see underwater. Although very new to the market there are some HD screens available for you to see underwater with a lot more clarity than current devices. One more aspect to think about is your screen size you need to make sure that you have enough viewing surface in order to see everything that is one on underwater. Of course if your screen is very small enough to be able to see pretty much anything.

Another thing that is widely talked about is whether you should get a fix or a portable fish finder. Some say that the situations are better when you have a mounted fish finder onto your boat. Although everyone will have their opinion, portable fish finders serve you for a variety of reasons. Some people may need to be renting a boat some people may be just be ice fishing for a while but need to carry a portable fish finder nonetheless.all in all always make sure that you find the best unit for your price that you're willing to pay.

So never forget, when you are out looking for a portable fish finder make sure that it will through to these five points:
  • Always pay attention to the resolution that the display comes with. You need to make sure the display is the highest resolution available that your money can buy.
  • Make sure you know what type of transducer you are buying; single frequency will be more for use for lakes and shallow water. And a dual frequency it is for deep-sea fishing.
  • How big is the display that you are buying, every fish finder has a different size display the larger the screen the better because the more information you see .
  • The next thing to be looking out for is how deep can your sonar reach. Remember that the debts that are explained on the box are only for Clearwater.
  • The last thing to pay attention to is the power of your unit. The more power that you can buy the better, it might be a heftier price tag for you but you will be thanking yourself for it.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Portable Fish Finder - Why Use One?

I have enjoyed the hobby of fishing for many years now and have seen the technology in fishing equipment go from the simple fibreglass fishing rod, single speed reels and nylon line to lightweight carbon fibre rods, magnetic controlled 3 speed reels and lines so fine yet strong enough to lift an elephant if you wanted to.
Perhaps the most distinct advancement in the tackle box is the development of the portable and GPS fish finder. There are of course a whole range on the market, some with functions straight out of a bond movie. But which type is better than the other?

The best portable fish finder advantages are:

  • Location - Obviously as the name suggests these units can be taken with you and used in an array of locations. Whether you are on holidays or just enjoying your regular weekend session, fishing from land based locations, from a boat or any other type of water craft, do not present a challenge.
  • Flexibility - Portable fish finders will usually have a castable transducer. For tricky fishing locations where it is difficult to manoeuvre your watercraft, cast the transducer exactly where you need it and it will give you a good idea of structure and whether there are fish to target.
  • Stealth - The castable transducer can also give you the competitive edge of stealth. Placing the transducer over your preferred fishing spot without having to manoeuvre your noisy boat will avoid spooking your target.
  • Specialty fishing - Specialty fishing like ice fishing can also benefit from sonar technology of a portable fish finder. Some units are designed to take extreme cold. Just drop your transducer in and away you go.
When buying a portable fish finder consider the following:
  • Transducer - If you intend to fish in lakes and shallow water use a single frequency transducer. For open ocean or deeper situations a dual frequency or beam is a better choice.
  • Resolution - Get the highest resolution you can afford in color. Indoors the difference in resolution isn't apparent. In the field the higher resolution screens will definitely make your fishing experience a good one.
  • Screen size - As with resolution, bigger the better. Especially for open ocean situations where you need to use split screen functions.
  • Power - Portable fish finders do struggle when it comes to power supply. If you cannot afford a unit with good power endurance consider purchasing a unit with a removable battery. Buy a second back up battery for when that moment hits. Don't forget to pack the second battery.
  • Signal strength - Essentially the better quality units will have a better signal strength however, consider how diversified your intended fishing will be. If you are only going to fish in shallow water locations signal strength is not such a concern.
Portable fish finders have definitely given land based anglers the same competitive edge ocean based anglers have enjoyed for many years.
For me, the greatest benefit of a portable fish finder is being able to pack it in your bag, go on holiday and explore new fishing spots. Casting the transducer and assessing potential spots quickly ensures my limited time is used effectively.

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