Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Portable Fish Finder - Why Use One?

I have enjoyed the hobby of fishing for many years now and have seen the technology in fishing equipment go from the simple fibreglass fishing rod, single speed reels and nylon line to lightweight carbon fibre rods, magnetic controlled 3 speed reels and lines so fine yet strong enough to lift an elephant if you wanted to.
Perhaps the most distinct advancement in the tackle box is the development of the portable and GPS fish finder. There are of course a whole range on the market, some with functions straight out of a bond movie. But which type is better than the other?

The best portable fish finder advantages are:

  • Location - Obviously as the name suggests these units can be taken with you and used in an array of locations. Whether you are on holidays or just enjoying your regular weekend session, fishing from land based locations, from a boat or any other type of water craft, do not present a challenge.
  • Flexibility - Portable fish finders will usually have a castable transducer. For tricky fishing locations where it is difficult to manoeuvre your watercraft, cast the transducer exactly where you need it and it will give you a good idea of structure and whether there are fish to target.
  • Stealth - The castable transducer can also give you the competitive edge of stealth. Placing the transducer over your preferred fishing spot without having to manoeuvre your noisy boat will avoid spooking your target.
  • Specialty fishing - Specialty fishing like ice fishing can also benefit from sonar technology of a portable fish finder. Some units are designed to take extreme cold. Just drop your transducer in and away you go.
When buying a portable fish finder consider the following:
  • Transducer - If you intend to fish in lakes and shallow water use a single frequency transducer. For open ocean or deeper situations a dual frequency or beam is a better choice.
  • Resolution - Get the highest resolution you can afford in color. Indoors the difference in resolution isn't apparent. In the field the higher resolution screens will definitely make your fishing experience a good one.
  • Screen size - As with resolution, bigger the better. Especially for open ocean situations where you need to use split screen functions.
  • Power - Portable fish finders do struggle when it comes to power supply. If you cannot afford a unit with good power endurance consider purchasing a unit with a removable battery. Buy a second back up battery for when that moment hits. Don't forget to pack the second battery.
  • Signal strength - Essentially the better quality units will have a better signal strength however, consider how diversified your intended fishing will be. If you are only going to fish in shallow water locations signal strength is not such a concern.
Portable fish finders have definitely given land based anglers the same competitive edge ocean based anglers have enjoyed for many years.
For me, the greatest benefit of a portable fish finder is being able to pack it in your bag, go on holiday and explore new fishing spots. Casting the transducer and assessing potential spots quickly ensures my limited time is used effectively.

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About the author- Mario Matassa is an enthusiastic researcher and an avid believer in understanding what you are buying before you buy. Arming yourself with knowledge before you enter negotiations to purchase products will give you the best chance to gain real value for your hard earned money and emerge a victor.
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